Hey there,
I’m Ajit.

I’m fired up to help you design the most awesome version of you.

Here's the thing: your identity isn’t static. It's ever-evolving. Your authentic self isn't who you used to be, it’s who you want to be. And I will help you design that version of yourself. One exciting goal at a time. That’s why I love coaching. It lets you consciously reshape your identity so you’re always evolving and this means your best life is ahead of you. Never behind you.

Are you with me? Let’s get this party started!

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If there’s one thing I know it’s this...

Coaching is How You Unlock Your Greatest Self

What if you were right all along? What if you are meant for more in this life?

What if you could redefine your identity, hit those massive scary goals and have a blast every step of the way?

Here’s the deal…

You have unlimited potential inside you. We all do.

Coaching has the power to unlock your greatest self.

You’ll stop second-guessing what you think you should do. And you’ll go do it.

You’ll start living your biggest, boldest life. And there’s no holding you back.

I know because coaching made that happen for me. It made that happen for thousands of people around the world.

And it will make that happen for you. No question.

You Are a #WorkOfArt

I believe life is a canvas and…

Family. My beautiful wife and my 2 small humans. They are my everything.

Surprise and Delight. I love a challenge and being able to surprise myself, especially with reshaping my identity. Fun fact: I used to believe I was an introvert but today, I take to the stage and talk to thousands of people all over the world (without breaking a sweat!)

Health and Wellbeing. I’m ready to be fitter than I was at 20 before I hit the big 4-0.

Wisdom. I’m dedicated to learning and expanding my knowledge. Writing and listening to books gets me there.

Career. From being the former CEO at Mindvalley, to co-founding Evercoach, to becoming a Master Coach, to co-founding multiple successful businesses... my career is literally an ever-evolving #WorkOfArt.

We like to think there’s this mysterious place we need to get to—a crucial milestone, an important destination, a massive goal—and when we arrive we can finally stop and say, “I did it. I’m done!” But a life of true meaning and purpose is one where we don’t stop growing, we don’t stop changing, and we don’t stop dreaming.

Life is a canvas and you are an ever-evolving #WorkOfArt where everyday is a chance to fill it with what you love. Here’s what’s on my canvas:

I’m passionate about…

Growing Extraordinary Communities

When you’re supported by a community who gets you, who loves you, who lovingly pushes you to grow and change so you’re operating at your best no matter what…

Everything becomes possible for your life.

It’s why creating extraordinary communities is my forever passion

Communities have the power to expand human potential, trigger lasting personal and professional shifts, and create rapid spiritual upgrades like nothing else can.

You don’t have to do it alone and you shouldn’t!

Because being a part of a powerful, dynamic community is like rocket fuel for the soul.

You’ll blast past the ordinary and hit the extraordinary in every aspect of your life and work.

 In record time.

"Ciara is simply the best and I'm so grateful for all her help and guidance as I started by business."

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To Serve & Love

There’s nothing more important than…

I only build businesses that positively impact billions of lives.

You already know the classic, “one-size-fits-all” approach to success: make more money no matter what.

It’s why the road to the top is littered with broken dreams, broken hearts, and broken lives. Growing your bank account for the sake of growth gets you to abandon who you know you can be. It gets you to forget what matters most to you.

That was me years ago and maybe that’s you now.

Maybe you’re feeling the pressure to hit your goals at any cost. Maybe you think you have to sacrifice time with the ones you love. Maybe you’re pushing yourself to work, work, work 10, 11, 12 hour days.

All in the name of making more money and creating success.

I’m inviting you to stop and pivot. Try a different track.

I’m inviting you to serve and to love. It’s my personal philosophy and it’s never let me down. When you serve from the heart and you love what you do, you can’t go wrong. Your choices align with your values. Your creativity flows. Your intentions guide you. You create powerful, positive changes in people’s lives.

And heck yeah… you’ll make more money than ever before. How cool is that?

1,900+ Stories of Change

“Ajit coached me and I was able to see immediate growth, immediate movement, and he was able to create more space in my business where I could think clearer and make better moves.“


Ajit’s a genius. He’s one of those people that first off is so humble, but so unbelievably intelligent. I really value him as a thinking partner, as a coach, and as somebody who lends perspective.


Changing Lives.
One (Life) Story at a Time.

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"The gentle yet uplifting energy that Ajit brings to Mindvalley stages has been awe-inspiring. He aligns with the event goals. Presents with grace and power. And the audience loves his engaging style."

- vishen lakhiani

Shake Things Up. Transform the World.

Evercoach, Dharma Coaching Institute, and Global Grit are shake-things-up and change-the-world companies that accelerate personal evolution and amplify business success.


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Master Coaching with Ajit 

The psychology, biology, and philosophy of world-class self-coaching and professional coaching condensed into a power-packed dose of weekly wisdom.

Learn top of the line coaching tools and listen in as special guests talk about what it really takes to achieve success and satisfaction on your terms (plus behind-the-scenes failures they learned from and don’t share anywhere else!)

“His message is really extraordinary.”

- Tom Bilyeu

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Something unexpected happens when you get me in a conversation—I don’t hold back. I’ll go deep fast with real-world coaching stories and “school of hard knocks” personal stuff.

Sound good? Great! Let’s get to know each other.

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Ajit on Your Stage

You may have seen me share the spotlight with powerhouse speakers like Jay Shetty, Lisa Nichols, Tom Bilyeu and Vishen Lakhiani.

For me, taking the stage is not about being known as the smartest person in the room, it’s about authentically connecting with every single individual in the audience so they know I see them.

When I speak, the stage disappears, the world falls away, and all that’s left are the people I am honored to uplift, to help, to support.