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I’m Ajit and I’m on a Mission to Make the World More Awesome

When you bring together conscious humans, anything becomes possible.

Stick with me. You’ll see it’s true.

I’m Proof That Coaching Can Take You From Pretty Much Nothing to Just About Everything You’ve Dreamed Of…

When I was growing up in Jaipur, India in a humble home with 22 family members, I had no idea that one day I’d be where I am today…

A respected author and speaker, a serial entrepreneur leading multi-million dollar businesses, a mentor to extraordinary humans worldwide, a happy husband and father…

And a surprisingly successful home cook!

First things first...

I Get to Spend My Life with the Woman of My Dreams

She’s perfect for me and I married her not just once, but 9 times in 8 countries (no, I’m not kidding!)

I’m a “dada” now and my kids are at the heart of everything I do.

I’m fired up to level up how we live, work and play and make the world awesomer for my children. For your children. For all our children.

Nothing in my past indicated that I would get to this place where I have a shot at making a real difference but here we are!

And it all happened when I learned to shift and shape my identity through coaching.

Today, I’m beyond grateful that…

This Is Important to Know…

Success Doesn’t Have to Come With Crazy Sacrifices. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Anything Different!

I broke the classic “rules of success” and still blazed a trail to the top.

My secret? I used the power of coaching to create a more awesome life experience every chance I got!

For me, more awesome means:

Energizing audiences of 1,000’s from the stage to create ripple effects of powerful, positive change around the world

Experimenting in the kitchen and cooking up delicious, nutritious meals for the family

Discovering health and fitness protocols to get stronger, faster, and fitter at 40 than I was at 20.

Being free to chase my curiosity all over the world from Burma to Italy to Mexico and beyond.

Celebrating my wife’s birthday at exotic locations every year

Finding new ways to experience delight awe, gratitude, and wonder every day.

"Ciara is simply the best and I'm so grateful for all her help and guidance as I started by business."

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- gabbi, designer

No matter what’s on that list, coaching can make it happen for you because it’s not something you do…

Coaching is who you are and who you can become.

It’s a way of being in the world.

It’s an identity-shifter, a game-changer, a superpower.

Coaching transforms everything and you can use it to achieve anything.

What’s On Your More Awesome List?

So here’s something to think about.


for coaches who are ready
to become the best of the best

Global Grit Institute

Expand your growth Elevate your life

Dharma Coaching Institute

Live at the highest purpose Serve at the highest potential

I like to walk my talk and…

“Not only does Ajit explain the what, he details the how and the why. This course was so awesome, informative, motivating and engaging. It has been unlike anything I have experienced.”

- Marvin Rucker

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This remarkable collection of 1,900+ stories of transformation and success is evidence.

“I really want to salute Ajit for the amazing way that you have shared what you know to facilitate a great transformation in my life. You inspired me to take these truths about who I am onboard and you equipped me with so many tools on how to package what I have in a powerful way to serve those around me.”

- Charlene Vogel

“Ajit gave me a clear picture of how I can pursue myself as a coach and how I can sustain and thrive in my coaching business.”

- Riza Pelaez

"Ajit and his course have given me confidence knowing I am both following the right steps and being efficient as I take them."

- Ed Houlcroft

“Ajit clearly practices what he preaches and teaches you in an engaging way. I started applying some of the principles right away and got to see the results with my clients.”

- Fifi Mason

My story in a nutshell

I’m Ajit Nawalkha but most people know me simply as “Coach Ajit.”

I’m a speaker, author, podcast host, master coach and trainer, CEO and Founder of multiple million-dollar companies. Every year I help over 30,000 clients reimagine what’s possible for them and confidently go for their greatest life and work vision. I’ve trained thousands of new and seasoned coaches and self-coaches to revolutionize their identity and achieve mastery in Life, Business, Spirituality, and Health.

I’m proud to be a first generation immigrant and I thrive on creating life-enhancing experiences for people around the world — from India to Malaysia to Los Angeles to Austin where I live with my beautiful wife, son, and daughter.

Confession: coaching has given me everything I’ve ever wanted and more. It’s made me who I am today and it continues to make me a better human every day.

To me, coaching is more than just a career. It’s a lived experience and it can change your life no matter who you are or where you’re from. It’s why I’m on a relentless mission to make coaching available to everyone, everywhere and I’m passionate about teaching millions how to consciously shape their identity with the unlimited power of coaching.

Over the past decade, I’ve been the former CEO of Mindvalley, the current co-founder of Evercoach, Dharma Coaching Institute, and Global Grit and I’m the host of Master Coaching with Ajit which happens to be one of the fastest growing podcasts for self-coaches and professional coaches

But when I’m done for the day, I leave it all behind to be fully present with my family and with myself. On an average day you might find me in my kitchen in Austin, cooking up delicious, healthy meals for my family, stepping outside my comfort zone with new workouts at the gym, choosing an exciting destination for our next vacation…

Or maybe making secret plans to surprise my wife on an unforgettable date night!

Words of Wisdom

The Book of Coaching

The Business
 Book of Coaching

Live BIG


Books can lift you up. Change your world. Set your soul on fire. Every insight, idea, and inspired strategy in these books are timeless, tested, and proven to work through thousands of hours of coaching clients, training coaches and self-coaching.

A step-by-step breakdown to breakthrough into extraordinary coaching with passion, purpose and practicality This book is perfect for the about-to-be coach who’s curious about how to establish their expertise, it’s perfect for the next-level coach looking to accelerate success and it’s perfect for the self-coach who’s inspired to use proven coaching tools to live an awesomer life!

A core distillation of thousands of hours of real-world coaching experiences and marketing strategies to build a high-impact, high-income coaching business that continues to grow year on year. Learn proven success principles for coaches in every phase of the journey -- those who are brand new to seasoned professionals looking to take their coaching career up to the next level.

Here’s the truth: You were born to serve at your highest potential. You were born to become the best version of you. You were born to Live BIG. That’s why I wrote this book.
It’s a go-to guide and a compass for coaches, entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and changemakers ready to live BIG and design a dream life with passion, purpose and practicality.

Ajit Nawalkha & Neeta Bhushan

Ajit Nawalkha & Neeta Bhushan

Ajit Nawalkha

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Grab a copy

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