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Whether it’s an audience of 50 or 50,000, Ajit’s intuitive ability to connect with every single person in the room is unparalleled.

He is a master at facilitating in-the-moment transformations with real-world stories and experiences that capture attention, activate deep reflection, and instigate lasting change.

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Coaching is a way of life for millions around the world. No matter who they are or where they come from.

Coaching is not what we do. It’s who we are.

And making coaching a way of life for millions is what I’m here to do.

I know that’s a bold mission but I stand by it because coaching is the ONE thing that can set us all free to live with joy, abundance, fulfillment, and creative adventure. Free to be ourselves and to live our greatest vision. Free to raise our children in a better, more beautiful world.

And that’s because coaching is the one thing that unlocks all that is extraordinary inside of us… the unlimited potential, the untapped talent, the massive aspirations, the crazy goals and dreams. Coaching gives us access to all of that and more as it accelerates personal evolution and professional development in ways that nothing else can.

I believe each of us is here to serve and to love, to create a powerful, positive impact on the world. And coaching is the tool, the skill, the revolutionary path that will get us there. 

I’m fired up to create a new reality where…

- vishen lakhiani

"The gentle yet uplifting energy that Ajit brings to Mindvalley stages has been awe-inspiring. He aligns with the event goals. Presents with grace and power. And the audience loves his engaging style."

Take the Stage By Storm

Get ready for a showstopping presentation that’s expertly balanced with gentle and high energy, making for a powerfully transformative experience audiences can’t stop talking about!

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Signature Stage Experiences

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Ajit takes the audience through his 8 principles of becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur who feels energized everyday. Ideal for groups of entrepreneurs and leaders.

A look at ajit

Ajit doesn’t deliver talks. He delivers awe-inspiring experiences. Every moment onstage is custom-created to educate, elevate and accelerate growth.

Here’s a snapshot of 3 of Ajit’s signature stage experiences where audiences felt seen, heard, understood, empowered… and wanting more!

The 9-Dimensions of Self-Awareness

Ajit expertly transforms the intangible into the tangible as he seamlessly creates structure, and meaning on the high-value but hard-to-grasp concept of self-awareness.

From Fear to Courage

Ajit captivates and transports the audience on the journey from fear to courage with masterful storytelling and his proprietary 5-step process.

Official Bio

He's been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2023" by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ajit Nawalkha, fondly known as “Coach Ajit,” is a speaker, author, podcast host, Master Coach, CEO and Founder of multiple million-dollar companies. He's been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2023" by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Each year, he supports over 30,000 clients to go for their biggest, boldest life and work vision and he has trained thousands of extraordinary new and seasoned coaches to achieve mastery in the critical fields of Life, Business, Spirituality, and Health so they can create a greater positive impact on the world.

As a proud first generation immigrant, Ajit thrives on creating life-enhancing, awe-inspiring experiences for people around the world — from India to Malaysia to Los Angeles to Austin where he lives with his beautiful wife, son, and daughter.

In a world that is progressing at an accelerated pace and where constant change is literally unstoppable Ajit believes coaching is the guiding light, the transformative force, the single most important pathway to achieve success through self-awareness and self-reliance.

It’s why one of Ajit’s core teachings is that coaching is not a career but a way of life—it’s not what you do, it's who you are and he’s on a relentless quest to make coaching available to everyone, everywhere. In fact he has made it his life’s mission to support millions in overcoming the stress, apathy, and hopelessness that hold them back from rising up to their highest potential through the power of coaching.

Over the past decade Ajit has consistently hit outstanding milestones as a Master Coach, entrepreneur, and leader. He is the former CEO of Mindvalley, the current co-founder of Evercoach, Dharma Coaching Institute, and Global Grit Institute. He’s also the host of Master Coaching with Ajit which is one of the fastest growing podcasts for self-coaches and professional coaches.

Ajit likes to say that “you don’t have to give up what you love to get what you want” and he walks his talk by continuously letting his curiosity lead him beyond the world of business. He loves expanding his mind, body and spirit in ways that excite, fascinate and inspire him to grow as a husband, as a father, as a coach, as a leader and as a human.

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